DYED IN THE WOOD is a collection of one of a kind goods for you and your home. Hand-crafted in the heart of the Blue Ridge, we source inspiration and raw materials from the landscape of Appalachia. We only use natural materials, all of our fabrics are bio-degradable or recycled. We never use toxic dyes or chemicals. We aim to not only provide a product that is sustainable but to create a platform where we can explore the complexities of slow fashion.

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Our offerings are a result of long conversations about current consumerism, how the home furnishings and fashion industries contribute to the decimation of our planet, and the separation of people and nature in modern society. DYED IN THE WOOD was built around the belief that we can have fashion that is ethical, affordable, and designed to evolve with you.

Casey and Michelle are the makers that bring you DYED IN THE WOOD

We are proud to be female owned and operated.
We are community seekers and creators.

All are welcome in the Wood

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